The Institute for Humane Education is Hiring

The Institute for Humane Education is Hiring

This is one of those opportunities I would jump on in a heartbeat if I had the qualifications. Not only is it with one of my favorite nonprofit organizations on earth, the Institute for Humane Education (founded by one of my heroes, Zoe Weil, as well), it’s also based in Surry, Maine, a place that’s where—or at least very near to where—I’ve wanted to live all of my life. If I qualified and landed this job, my family and I would be moving across the country in a heartbeat. So if this is a good fit for you, I say apply—with my envy and support!

The IHE is hiring a new Executive Director. Its previous director, the kind and wise Khalif Williams, is now directing a Waldorf school in the area. While he will be missed, the IHE is now open for someone with big shoes to fill! The full-time position will require the right invidual to lead this “unique non-profit that brings people the knowledge, tools and motivation to create a humane world.” The position entails quite a few responsibilities in an amazing organization that is literally changing the future—are you up for the challenge?

Here are a few duties that you’ll have as Executive Director:

Fundraising and Finance Experience: Applicants should have a background in raising money through writing grants, appeals, and letters to donors, as well as other means. They should also know how to manage the budget of a nonprofit organization, as well as all of the nuts and bolts in the legal department.

Strong Writing Skills: Executive Directors should be able to communicate very well through writing, as well as orally. Creating newsletters, blogs, web content, and other media may be part of the position.

Marketing and Publicity Management: Applicants should have experience getting the word out, connecting with various organizations and individuals, and obtaining high media exposure.

Staff Management: The position involves strong leadership roles, including keeping staff motivated, connected, and inspired. Managing remote staff members is also included.

The salary for this position is $44 to $50 K, depending on the individual and his or her experience. The real reward with a job like this, of course, is knowing that you are doing something extraordinary with your life—providing youth and teachers with the humane tools that they simply aren’t acquiring in many schools. To find out more about the Institute, please visit them here. If you wish to apply, send your referrals, resume, and cover letter to Zoe Weil at