July 2010

AERO: Alternative Education Resource Association

One of my favorite resources for alternative education information is well named—AERO: Alternative Education Resource Association. AERO is one of the best places on the Internet to learn about democratic education, learner-centered education, research, methods, interviews, books, and just about everything you’d ever want to know! Whether you are a teacher, student, parent, or lawmaker, AERO should definitely be on your radar when it comes to education.

IDEA is Hiring Interns and Organizers

One of my favorite new educational organizations is IDEA: The Institute for Democratic Education in America. I’ve been a volunteer for the organization since last winter, and have discovered so many amazing people, educational views, and resources there. You can learn about all different kinds of alternative forms of democratic education (many, like free schools, I never knew anything about until I started volunteering with the organization), as well as download resources like lesson plans and multimedia recommendations. It’s a warm, welcoming community of educators, parents, students, and activists from all across the country, and I would invite anyone who wants to learn more about democratic education to come on over and check it out.