August 2010

Interview with Peer Learning Assistant

As an undergraduate student, I had the opportunity to work as a Peer Learning Assistant—otherwise known as a campus tutor. Another PLA and friend of mine, Melinda*, agreed to talk about the position and what it takes to be a good PLA.

How did you become a Peer Learning Assistant?

I saw a flyer on campus about it and knew it was the job for me. I wasn’t an education major, but I’m a smart person who enjoys helping people. I thought it would be a lot like volunteering but still getting paid.

Describe how the job worked.

I basically just hung out in the learning centers waiting for people to come get help. Most nights were very boring. I didn’t get many students. When I did, I helped them if I could in the subjects I knew, or I gave them the phone number of a person who could help them, like you.