January 2012

Teachers forgo pay in Pennsylvania


The other day I read an article about teachers in a school district in Georgia who had sent their students home to work on a math worksheet referencing slavery and beatings in the story problems. I was appalled after reading it and critical towards the decision these teachers thought was appropriate. But today my faith in educators was restored after reading about educators in Pennsylvania who’s district has fallen on hard times, yet they still continue to work without pay.

Teachers in DC making big bucks



When Michelle Rhee was chancellor of the DC school district (2007-10) she implemented a system that rewarded students with monetary incentives if they continuously received good grades. It was an extremely controversial policy which, like Rhee, no longer exists in Washington. However, new monetary incentives are being peddled by the DC district once more. But this time teachers, rather than students, are being targeted. This new move to increase teacher’s wages and offer bonuses based on consistent performance may be a turning point in the teaching profession.